Press Release

California Cryobank (CCB) Offers Special Service For Military

Los Angeles, CA (January 2003) - California Cryobank, the world's largest reproductive tissue bank, is responding to the deployment of troops to the Persian Gulf.

One of the services California Cryobank provides is personal semen storage. Typically this service is utilized by men in high-risk occupations and by men who wish to have families, but who are undergoing medical treatment that may result in infertility. Or by couples actively pursuing parenthood, who have had no success due to job related travel by one of the partners. As many of our military personnel ready themselves for deployment to the Persian Gulf, California Cryobank would like to help ensure the future of their families. For all military personnel, California Cryobank will provide semen collection and storage services at a substantially reduced cost, with the first year storage provided free of charge.

"Military deployment should not stop the men and women in our Armed Forces from creating the families they want. California Cryobank offers the technology to store semen, and, with a physician's assistance, this semen can be used in the future to bring to life the dreams of parenthood,” explains Dr. Cappy Rothman, co-founder of California Cryobank and Medical Director. "This service may be especially beneficial for those called to duty abroad, who are currently trying to start a family. Those who are actively trying to have a baby, yet may be affected by our government's military plans, need not delay parenthood. With today's medical technology, a family can get started even if the father has responsibilities that take him away from home. We are glad we can offer this service to those protecting our freedom."

In 1866, Montegazza was the first man to envision banks for frozen human sperm. He proposed "a man (in the military) may beget a legal heir with his semen frozen and stored at home." Over 150 years later, during the 1992 Gulf War and other conflicts since, Montegazza's vision became a reality, when many of our servicemen chose to freeze and store sperm before leaving for active duty.

Collection and storage services are being offered at three of California Cryobank's branch offices located in Los Angeles, California, Palo Alto, California and Cambridge, Massachusetts. The offer of collection at a substantially reduced cost and one year storage free of charge applies exclusively to military personnel. For more information, call California Cryobank at 866-927-9622. Our business is healthy, happy babies.