Press Release

Leading Sperm Bank Credits Economic Recovery for Record Setting Day

Los Angeles, CA (June 2009) - California Cryobank (CCB), one of the world's oldest and most successful sperm banks, announces that Cyber Monday, the day following this year's Thanksgiving weekend, was the single busiest sales day in the 32 year history of the company.

"Monday was incredible. Our website was flooded with orders and the phones just wouldn't stop ringing," said CCB Director of Communications, Scott Brown. "Business has certainly been picking up after a slow first half of the year, but we never imagined a day like Monday was even possible. I have no doubt that it indicates a general condifence in our country's economic recovery."

California Cryobank recent success coincides with the company's popular celebrity Donor Look-a-LikeTM feature on; the opening of California Cryobank, New York; and the asset acquisition of Vista Cord by FamilyCord, CCB's cord blood stem cell division.

"I believe our clients are the most dedicated and determined parents imaginable, but there has been so much fear and economic uncertainty in the last year that I think people were justifiably nervous about starting a family," said Cryobank co-founder Dr. Cappy Rothman. "It is reassuring to see so many people thinking about having children again. After everything our nation as been through in 2009, wouldn't it be nice for 2010 to turn out to be the Year of the Family?"

Founded in 1977, California Cryobank is a full-service reproductive tissue bank accredited by the AATB, licensed in New York and California, certified by CLIA, and in full-compliance with all relevant FDA regulatory requirements. For information, call 800-231-3373 x1121.

FamilyCord is accredited by the AABB for cord blood and HPC, licensed by California, New York and New Jersey departments of health, registered with FDA and has a CLIA licensed clinical laboratory. For more information, call 800-231-3373 x1121.