Press Release

CCB Welcomes New NYC Laboratory and Medical Directors

Los Angeles, CA (January 9) - California Cryobank (CCB), a worldwide leader in reproductive tissue banking services, announced two new additions to the company's New York staff: Laboratory Director Mary E. Schalkoff, Ph.D., HCLD, and Medical Director Ralph Richart, M.D.


Located at Lexington Ave. and 41st, CCB's mid-town facility has significantly increased both sperm donor recruiting and private storage services since the branch opened in 2010. Dr. Schalkoff's and Dr. Richart's extensive medical and administrative experience will enable CCB to continue to expand operations, including local storage and pick-up of donor specimens, known-donor processing, and private semen/egg/embryo storage.


Dr. Schalkoff earned her doctoral degree at Boston College. She served as the Laboratory Supervisor and Chief Cryobiologist at Boston IVF, and was instrumental in producing the first birth from frozen embryos in Massachusetts. After becoming certified as a High-complexity Clinical Laboratory Director, she became the Laboratory Director at Genesis Fertility in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Schalkoff also directed the IVF Laboratory at the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine in Edison, New Jersey. In addition to her duties at CCB, she currently serves as the off-site IVF Lab Director at St. Luke's / Roosevelt Hospital in NYC.


Dr. Richart is a highly knowledgeable and experienced physician, scholar and medical educator. He has served on the faculties of Columbia University, Harvard Medical School and the Medical College of Virginia. Additionally he has served on dozens of advisory committees including the World Health Organization, NY Medical Society, NY Academy of Science, and as President of the International Gynecological Cancer Society.


"California Cryobank is pleased to have such knowledgeable and experienced professionals leading our New York team," said Pamela Richardson, President of California Cryobank's Reproductive Division.


"Mary and Ralph are trememdous assets to our company. They enhance our ability to remain at the forefront in reproductive medicine and science," stated Charles Sims, M.D. (CEO and co-founder).


Founded in 1977, California Cryobank is one of the world's leading reproductive tissue banks. CCB is registered with the FDA, accredited by the AATB, licensed by the states of California and New York. For more information, please call (866) 927-9622.