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Facial Features FAQs

  1. Who creates the Facial Features Reports?
    The Facial Features Reports are created by our Donor Matching Counselors, the same staff that conducts our Donor Matching Consultations.
  2. Who drew the illustrations in the Facial Features Reports?
    The illustrations in the Facial Features Reports were drawn by a professional artist outside CCB.
  3. Are the illustrations in the Facial Features Reports of your donors?
    The illustrations in the Facial Features Reports are not of our donors. In fact, the illustrations are not of any particular person. They are simply meant to serve as examples of various facial features. The artist who drew the illustrations did not have access to photos of our donors.
  4. Why did you decide to offer Facial Features Reports?
    California Cryobank decided to create and offer Facial Features Reports in response to requests from our clients. Clients had asked to see examples of various facial features and to know which ones applied to each donor.
  5. Does the purchase of a Facial Features Report replace the need to do a Donor Matching Consultation?
    Our Facial Features Reports and Donor Matching Consultations are distinctly different services. Clients may want to purchase either or both services.

    Donor Matching is a custom consultation based on photos that clients send in. We will determine which of the donor(s) you have chosen best match the photograph of you, your relatives, or other individuals. Or, we can find the best match from our donor photos, based on key criteria you select.

    Our Facial Features Reports are designed to give examples of different types of facial features and indicate which of those features apply to the donor.



Staff Impressions Reports FAQs

  1. Who writes the Staff Impressions Reports?
    CCB Donor Department staff members who have met with the donors on a regular basis during the qualification process.
  2. Why are some of the Staff Impressions Reports longer and more detailed than others?
    Staff Impressions Reports vary in length and detail because they were written by different staff members. Our staff members have different writing styles; some are more succinct and others more verbose.
  3. The Staff Impression Report for the donor I'm considering does not match the characteristics I want for my child. Should I select another donor?
    Staff Impressions Reports are subjective and represent the viewpoint of a single Cryobank employee. This information is based on the staff member's limited interaction with the donor in a professional setting. People sometimes act differently, based on their environment. A donor who is quiet and reserved at work, may be outgoing and talkative at home. The Staff Impressions Report is designed to be used in conjunction with other donor information (Long Donor Profile, Baby Photo, Audio Interview, Keirsey Temperament Sorter, Facial Features Report, etc.) in making your donor selection.